Mount & Syringe

We intend there to be a lot of cute and fluffy critters populating the world, with bobby head animations that are as worthy of a /r/aww post as any. Luckily, there is a way that you can turn these fuzzy hair balls into dangerous weapons that will make your enemies wet their pants.

Introducing: a simple syringe with a dose of “Essence”.

Let’s look at exhibit A: a lonely sheep lost in a forest.




If you have the required skills, you will be able to inject your woolly friend with Essence. It won’t die, it will merely transform into this:



The shameful fun doesn’t stop there.

If you also have the required skill to mount, you can hop atop your new beast and ride him into the sunset. Of course these types of Essence tainted mounts might be dangerous for you and might make you regret your little experiment. Nevertheless, if you feel like you are up for it, create your beast and then try and tame it. For those of you with the biggest balls, you’ll get to ride around like a boss.




 P.S: Mammals are not the only mount types in Crisential, you can also ride modifiable bikes, trucks, cars and a whole lot more. We will go into further detail in a future update.

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