Feature: Building System, part I

Being a RTS and RPG fan it was important for Crisential to have a feature where the player can settle a new town, shape it how how they want, and then watch as the town takes on a life of its own – essentially managing itself.

Before you can build your town, you will need to find an advantageous and relatively safe spot on the map. Once you’ve fallen in love with the desert views of a particular stretch of wasteland, drop your generator and turn it on. The generator is a machine that produces electricity for your town. Fuelled by Essence, the generator can be obtained through assembling parts found throughout the world, or can be given as a reward for certain quests. There aren’t many remaining in the world, so you will want to decide wisely where you place it and ensure it doesn’t get destroyed.

Once you have electricity you can begin building to your heart’s content. We’re including a great deal of freedom for customization here, so feel free to give your town a unique stamp. Once you are done making the prototype for a building, you can start construction with either the help of your designated constructor NPCs or by yourself. Once a building is complete, you can then assign an NPC to that building, so your society can start to take shape.

The town has several different attributes that are important to your town’s survival and also that of your own. Attacks and raids will take place from other factions and Essence creatures, but it is your responsibility as the leader to protect the town by assigning and commanding security forces.


Certain NPCs have special abilities, like crafting, building, fighting, or scavenging. You’re going to want to assign the right NPCs to the correct tasks to make sure that their potential isn’t wasted and that you are benefiting from what they can offer. Our NPCs will have different needs, so you may get an NPC that only want to move in to a luxurious house, while another will just be happy to have the safety of the town, even if it means sleeping outside.

Once an NPC has settled into the town, they will start interacting with other NPCs. Relationships will develop but be advised, they will also clash with one another and you’re going to want to make sure you’ve set up security forces to police and population and restore order.

Given how tough the wastes are you’d be forgiven for thinking that love has also become a casualty of the new world. That’s not the case though, as you’ll witness when NPCs fall in love, marry, and even have kids.


This has been a simple overview of how the building system works. I will delve into more detail in the next post when explaining some of the features related to town building and the main gameplay.


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