Combat System

The wastes brings with it natural dangers and foes, but the bigger danger presents itself when your reputation grows and rival factions hire mercenaries to take you out. Combat takes place in real time and is a blend of strategy and fast paced action. Use the right abilities, at the right time, for the right enemy and it can be over in seconds, but if you’re not on your game an epic fight could spread out over minutes. There are no random drops from the NPC’s. Anything used against you in combat will be found on their bodies after successful battles.

Combat in Crisential is real time. Firstly, you can use your guns and melee weapons as you do in a typical third person shooter game. But, the meat of the combat system comes into full effect with Talents. We implemented the Talent Crafting system to enable you to overcome any situation with the tools you’ve created for yourself. In short, you can think of talents as “skill shots”. They are spells, acrobatic maneuvers, or utility actions (like lock picking) you can use in or out of combat.

Some example to spell talents are “Fireball” or “Summon creature”.

Action talents let you do acrobatic or skill shots using your weapons. Like “Axe Throw” or”Sniper Shot”.

Utility spells are a little bit different, they are the likes of “invisibility” and “lock picking”, things that can be useful anytime, either during combat or not. But to craft Utility spells you might want to consider modding to be able to have the right utility that fits your needs.

A talent is either something that travels in a direction or something that affects the whole areaor single target.(Directional, AOE and Targeted).

Each Talent is bound to a type of weapon. You have to have that specific type of weapon equipped to be able to use the talent. And you can equip different kinds of weapons on either hand to be able to use those types of talents at the same time.

Combat starts at your town. With the help of your town folk, you can create the Talents you need to use during battle. More on this in a later post.

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