Feature: Talent Crafting



Talents are essentially abilities and spells that can be used in combat, or during exploration. We wanted to create a system that empowers you to create any talent you want. The possibilities, particularly when using our easy to use modding tools, are literally endless. Whether it’s throwing fireballs, immobilizing your opponent with a net, becoming invisible, or unlocking doors.

Talents are given or taught by alchemists, whether it’s of the freelance variety, or the more efficient tutelage of your own town’s alchemist. The gathering of essence crystals, or “Crisentials”, will further unlock more scope for freedom, so exploring the wastes can have a great benefit for the growth of your character…as long as you make it out alive.

We haven’t really seen a similar feature in any of the games we’ve played, and always wanted to create our own spells ever since I first saw a scripted spell someone has made in Baldur’s Gate II. It was a little OP ofcourse, but we have plans on limiting their power in a balanced and lore related way, so you don’t feel like the wastes are not a challenge anymore.

The talent crafting system works as different stages. You get to pick what each of these stages do, how much damage, what kind of utility (crowd control or heal, etc.) it uses, and what happens after the talent is finished casting. It is possible to create such a spell that when you cast it it will stun everyone in a radius and summon a burning giant teddy bear to fight for you.

If it’s a spell like talent (like throwing a fireball or raining down acid) we will generate an animation for you, which you can edit yourself if you don’t like it.

If it’s an action based spell (roll and slash with a sword, fire A LOT of bullets in a direction for a couple seconds) you get to choose what kind of motion you want the character to do. Crisential’s talent system is designed to be a skill shot system. There are single target talents you can use that won’t miss enemies but mostly, they either travel in a given direction and do their thing there or they effect the whole area.

Talent crafting is fun, and it allows a lot of possibilities as to how you play the game, but there is also the Talent combination feature. You might want to do that because there are limited amount of talent shortcuts on the main UI (that is by design) and it also allows you that one last punch to make sure your enemies stay down.

Combination is easier to understand, you have 2 talents that you want to combine into a single talent. We blend these into one talent and make it one smooth action for you. There are order to things though, if you combine an action talent that hits your enemy while jumping with a sword and a directional fireball spell, it will always do the action first, spell second. There are different orders that we use to make sure the combined talent looks right.

You can only combine 2 spells at most, and a talent that has been combined before can not be combined again.

Different weapons has different sets of Talents. But more on that later.

One thing about talents is that, they are always bound to the type of weapon that you use in your hand. If you notice our GUI splits the talent bar in half. That’s because the talent set for your left hand is different than your right hand. And they are not global.

Having a kind of weapon will show you the talents that are associated to that weapon type. For example, if you have a melee weapon on your left hand Talents that can be used with that weapon will be on the left and if you don’t have any weapon on your right hand, you can use spells with that one.

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