Feature: Weapon Crafting

Get ready to lock and load.

Crafting in most rpgs are done through a pre determined set of raw resource combinations. You usually “learn” a crafting recipe when you hit an arbitrary number of levels grind the materials and craft something in 2 seconds. We wanted to follow a different path. After a lot of brain storming and arguments (civil arguments, have you) we have decided to give the player the option to create their own weapons, part by part. Without further a-do, I present you the weapons crafting prototype.

To craft your own weapon, you need to find parts and gather materials while exploring the wastes. But the most important part of the weapon s the blue prints. We have many different blueprints you will be able to use, but the real parts comes in when you actually create your own blueprints. We will try to make a blueprint editor, but it might be a little more complicated so in the least, we will give you tools to mod the game to create these blueprints outside the game to import into it. Rest assured, we will try our best to make it though (for what it’s worth).

So, the materials you find, combined with blueprints, will be able to produce the weapons and items that fits your needs. Blueprints will be needed to craft a type of weapon, but what kind of materials or parts you put into these blueprints is up to you.

For weapons crafting we have implemented and continuing to improve upon a modular system. Each part of the weapon can be chosen from different components to build the weapon you feel is best for your style. Components can be either found on the wasteland or can be molded by your crafters in your town. If you are the explorer kind, you can dismantle powerful weapons and use those components for your crafting needs or melt it down to gather raw materials. You can also use it as is, of course.

The armor and clothe crafting is a little more traditional. Using recipes you can craft armors, shields or clothing to give you that extra protection. We do have plans to make something similar to the weapons crafting for the armor crafting, but limited resources and time wouldn’t allow us to implement every feature that we like. But the good news is, with the modding tools, it’ll be easy to make your own armors anyway.

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