Behaviour and habits of the NPCs

NPCs in general in Crisential each has their own goals that is set to them when they are “born”. They are capable of forming relationships with each other and will make snarky remarks to each other if they don’t have appreciation to one another or will work well together, which you will also be able to notice. They also have a “reproduction systems” as in, you will actually see them form families and produce off springs. They will get older as times goes on, and some of them will survive in their children. People in Crisential are.. people! They will try to survive, earn their next meal and try to accomplish their goals. And you can either help them achieve their dreams, or crush them altogether with your actions.

The most important ones however, are the ones you decide to let through your town gates.pose


The NPCs that join your town have specialized skills that you can use to create talents, weapons and many other things. You can send the townsmen to fight your wars, join you personally on your travels, or remain home to protect the town and build a functioning society.

Each NPC in your town has a story to tell and these stories can lead to new quests. If you help them out they will respond even more to your leadership. Of course, if you want to rule your society with an iron first, punishing every NPC that looks at you the wrong way, that’s entirely up to you. Just be careful, if you are too cruel they may rise up against you or simply pack their bags and leave.

One thing is for certain, the kind of leader you choose to be will shape the world and the kinds of people who want to work with you.

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