Crisential is a single player role-playing game with elements of real time strategy and survival. Crisential was born out of an idea to create a world that is constantly shifting and evolving around the player, where the player is empowered to customize their experience with powerful systems like Building and Crafting. Crisential combines the classic RPG style with amodern user-generated content approach, creating an experience that feels fresh and familiar. We are running a Kickstarter campaign atm. These are the key features of Crisential:

  • Crisential is a mix of RPG, Strategy, Sandbox and Survival.
  • Initial PC support. Mac and Linux with stretch goals.
  • Currently only Single Player, co-op multiplayer with stretch goals.
  • Freedom is the key. Play however, do whatever you want. It’s all about living in the wastelands.





As the player you embody a character making his/her way through a world torn apart by a post-apocalyptic event. Many years ago life as we knew it was plunged into darkness with the spread of a dangerous chemical called “Essence”. The ripples and side effects are still felt today, but they are nothing compared to the threat of the warring factions. As you explore and fight your way through the wastes you will be faced with brutal challenges that may be better accomplished through partnering with allies. Whether exploring alone, or in a group, you will be hunted, but with each victory you will grow in strength and learn how to survive.

In Crisential the combat experience begins before the battles take place. Players will be able to customize their experience by crafting tools, weapons and talents, all of which will be used to hone your unique fighting strategy and give you a leg up in conflicts. Of equal pre-battle significance is the loyalty of your companions, the unique hatred of your enemies towards you, and your ability to anticipate what the battle will need in order to be victorious.

We have different features like :

  • An Action based combat system
  • Talent Crafting mechanic ( You can combine already given Talents or create anything from scratch )
  • Item Crafting ( From basic blueprints, you can craft any item you want. Freedom is the only key. )
  • Building System ( You can build a town anywhere on the world and attract Npc’s to settle and work for you. Choose the wall, doors, windows, anything you want to add to your structure, and build it one brick by one. )
  • Lead your people ( Npc’s who choosed to settle in your little town will work towards your needs. While they have their own goals and achievements about their life, they will continously help you out through their skills. For example, if you give them the needed materials, they will become blacksmith, scout, repairman, guards, etc. )
  • Factions ( Choose one of the Factions to fight side by side, help them to reach their goals and go up the ladders of Master ranks. Or if you want to be alone, go on your own path and let others be jealous of you. )
  • Map Editor ( Think of our world map as one big puzzle. Each piece of the map is interchangeable with a corresponding piece. Not only can you change the geography of the world, you can also add content to these pieces of game world. Imagine adding an incredible story of your own creation and then sharing it with friends to let them play through what you’ve cooked up. The options are endless. )
  • Modding (  Anything we can do, you will be able to do as well. Crisential is full moddable, and you can create everything you want. )


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Build your own town

Being on your own is tough in the wastelands. You may find that creating a home and leading a community will make surviving a lot easier. You will be able to create buildings for NPCs to move in and join your cause. As you build, survivors proficient with a skill will bolster your town. When new settlers join the town, with your permission, he or she will enable you to craft items or to join the town’s defenses. You should build static defenses (such as towers or turrets) and recruit survivors to fight for the safety of the community when you are away, or you might just return to find a conquered town.


Craft unlimited numbers of unique items

Combine weapon components together to craft a superior item in real time. Instead of just using the components to create a predetermined item, you can assemble it yourself with our powerful Crafting system. The accuracy of the assembly will result in the final product giving you a unique item to help you knock your enemies to the dirt.


Create unique skills

Have you ever felt frustrated that a skill or spell that you wanted was not in the game? With Crisential you’ll never have that problem – whatever you dream up, you can create. In addition to the skill tree, you can also select from with the Skill creating system, where you can dream up your ideal cocktail of destruction. For example, combining “shoot arrow” and “burst flame” will result in a fire arrow skill that you can now cast. When you later want to enhance the skill you can simply combine it with something else to create a different effect. Any skill can be combined with any other skill, it’s entirely up to your imagination.


Dynamic NPCs

As time passes and new settlers join the town, they will start relationships with each other. Interacting and socializing will result in inevitable disputes and even falling in love. They will have children that will eventually grow up and contribute to town just like their parents did. During dire times they might ask for your help, with your response playing a role in your greater story. It is possible to ruin their lives through slavery or punishing them too harshly for their crimes. Alternatively you can go to the other extreme and try to build a utopia in the middle of a wasteland. Their fate is in your hands.






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